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来源:摩登旅游 作者:肖玉燕 发布时间:2021-07-13

  Fresh is thrilled to announce the opening of its 1st retail counter with Lagardère Travel Retail outside of Europe, at the 95,000sq m Hainan Tourism Downtown Duty Free Shopping Complex by the Hainan Tourism Investment Duty Free in downtown Sanya. With more retail openings, Fresh continues to capitalize on booming Chinese consumer demand and further strengthens its presence in China’s tropical holiday hotspot.


  “This launch has been part of Fresh’s continued expansion in Hainan, signaling the exciting growth opportunity we see in the China market,” said Mr. Ji-Un Han, GM of Fresh Travel Retail APAC. “We are delighted to partner with Lagardère in Asia Pacific and Hainan Tourism Investment Duty Free to extend our intimate retail concept to Sanya downtown, forging the Fresh expression in this market."

  Fresh馥蕾诗旅游零售部亚太区总经理Ji-Un Han表示:“此次新零售店的开业是Fresh在海南品牌持续扩展的一部分,标志着我们在这个市场看到了令人兴奋的增长机遇。”Fresh很高兴能与拉格代尔旅行零售亚太地区和海南旅游免税店合作,将我们贴心的零售体验延续到三亚,向亚太旅游市场传播Fresh的品牌理念。

  Mr. Terry Chua, VP of Lagardère Dutyfree Merchandising Asia: “The new Fresh store elevates not only the Fresh experience, but also in line with the strategy for Lagardère to enhance the shopping experience in Sanya with the broadest and trendiest brand portfolio. That applies especially to Hainan because it’s a leisure destination where travelers are open to new discovery.”

  拉加代尔免税店亚洲区副总裁Terry Chua先生表示:"新的Fresh店不仅提升了Fresh的体验,也符合拉加代尔的战略,即以最广泛和最时尚的品牌组合来提升三亚的购物体验。这一点尤其适用于海南,因为海南是一个旅游者乐于接受新发现的休闲目的地。"

  The location of Fresh’s retail counter is very central in Sanya and the scale of it gives the brand a lot of space where guests are not simply shopping Fresh but experiencing it. The counter has been designed in the same spirit as the Fresh flagship store in New York City’s Union Square, elevated with new elements that are first in Fresh Travel Retail to bring Fresh’s collections to life.

  Fresh零售专柜位于三亚的中心位置,它的规模为品牌提供了很大的空间,消费者不仅可以在这里购买Fresh产品,还可以体验及了解产品。专柜的设计与纽约联合广场的 Fresh 旗舰店一脉相承,此次更升级了购物体验,加入了Fresh旅游零售从未有过的新元素,以便将Fresh的标志性系列产品带入生活。

  These new elements include the moving pixelated canvas at the entrance and a wall in lime wash paint showcasing Fresh’s signature sky blue interpreting Fresh’s beliefs of hope, optimism and nature. Starting from the very first day the brand was created in 1991, Fresh has been driven by their never complacent indie spirit where the sky’s the limit.


  Other elements are linked to the brand’s pillars of artisanship, hospitality, apothecary and tradition in a warm, interactive setting. A custom chandelier designed to look like molecules emphasizes Fresh’s leadership in science; the iconic mosaic tile floor replicates that of the flagship store at Union Square; the Gift Bar, where guests can customize for their gift-giving needs and enjoy complimentary artisanal gift-wrapping; and the Kombucha Wall which displays the Kombucha 8 benefits and its texture. These meaningful details come together to form interactive destinations where Fresh guests can play, discover, and dream.


  Fresh Travel Retail is also the first brand to pioneer the giant outdoor 3D digital video screens at the main entrance of Hainan Tourism Duty Free Shopping Complex, featuring two breathtaking impactful 3D videos to showcase the brand’s best-selling collections, the star ingredients and to tell its unique sensorial brand story.




  LVMH beauty brands Fresh has a growing footprint in partnership with Lagardère Travel Retail in Chinese travel retail. Pictured is the Hainan Tourism Downtown Duty Free Shopping Complex in Sanya

  LVMH美容品牌Fresh与Lagardère Travel Retail合作,在中国旅游零售业的足迹不断扩大。图为位于三亚的海南旅游市中心免税购物中心。



  From left to right: Mr. Terry Chua, VP of Lagardère Dutyfree Merchandising Asia, Mr. Ji-Un Han, GM of Fresh Travel Retail APAC, Mr. Xie Zhiyong, President of Hainan Tourism Investment Duty Free.

  从左至右。拉加代尔免税店亚洲区副总裁Terry Chua先生,Fresh旅游零售亚太区总经理Ji-Un Han先生,海南旅游投资免税店总裁谢志勇先生



  Group photo of the team from Fresh, Lagardère and Hainan Tourism Investment Duty Free.

  Fresh pioneers the use of an impressive outdoor 3D video at Hainan Tourism Duty Free Shopping Complex to capture customers’ attention.




  Video link: https://wwpcis-my.sharepoint.com/:v:/g/personal/carollli_fresh_com/EfeaNjCgLABFi0RpJuKKAGsBo2OyBg1c42KXpYHjEEgcww?e=BwoV4A